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今日,全球權威嚴肅媒體《紐約時報》以“Stereotype of ' Made in China ' has been changed by Huawei and TCL”為題,大版面刊登評論文章,深度評述TCL多媒體2016年全球電視出貨量突破2000萬臺,位居全球前三、中國第一。

今日,全球權威嚴肅媒體《紐約時報》以“Stereotype of ' Made in China ' has been changed by Huawei and TCL”為題,大版面刊登評論文章,深度評述TCL多媒體2016年全球電視出貨量突破2000萬臺,位居全球前三、中國第一?!杜υ際北ā?/p>





Stereotype of "Made in China" has been changed by Huawei and TCL


Just as Huawei has outpaced Samsung in mobile phone industry, TCL also surpassed Korean brands in TV industry. In 2016, TCL multimedia became the first TV company in China which has delivered over 20 million sets of TVs around the world, contributing to a global market share of 30% together with other TV companies of China. With the market shares of Korean TV brands being taken up by Chinese brands, competitive landscape in global TV industry is facing a remarkable change due to the impetuous development of China's enterprises.


In 2016, TCL focused on the promotion of QLED display to establish a sub-brand XESS, which is designed to provide high-end products. OLED is currently adopted by some of the manufacturers, but it is limited to the properties of organic materials it used, which results in shortcomings such as short life cycle, low image quality and high price, etc; comparing to OLED, QLED uses inorganic luminescent materials, which makes it more stable, more cost effective, and also improves image quality. TCL has carried out research and development on QLED for years, thus it has more advantages than Samsung and other Korean brands, which gradually start to engage in QLED.


In addition, TCL CSOT owns an 8.5-generation LCD panel line (with the world's largest production capacity) and the world's highest generation line. An integration of vertical industry chain presents TCL with an outstanding competitive edge in terms of cost and production.


The development of TCL is similar to another brand from China, Huawei. Both of them have independent control over the core technology of their own industries. We cannot continue to measure their capabilities in R&D and innovation based on the old impression of "Made in China". If more and more Chinese enterprises set TCL and Huawei as an example, the changes in global industry are not just restricted to TV and mobile phone industries.


Chinese brand TCL in 2016 has successfully affected the global TV market. The world has been impressed again by the powerful strength of the rise of China's economy. Time will give us the answer for what kind of progress will be made by Chinese brands like Huawei and TCL.

中國品牌TCL 2016年成功攪局全球電視市場,讓世界再次意識到上升中的中國經濟的強大實力?;?、TCL這樣的中國品牌究竟能達到什么樣的高度,時間會給我們答案。

據報道,TCL現象已經席卷全球,世界各地300多家知名媒體及IT博客已發布相關報道。美國ABC新聞、美通社、雅虎網等眾多北美電視媒體與網絡媒體,《華盛頓商報》、《波士頓商報》等知名報刊也類似《紐約時報》評述,給予了TCL極高評價。TCL全球出貨量突破2000萬臺喜訊,也引起歐亞非等各地媒體大量關注,英國CollabTec博客、法國ADVFN網、德國FinanzNachrichten.de網、瑞典Nyehtspalatset網以及印度Odisha Sun Times網等都對“TCL現象”進行了針對性評論,TCL和華為已成為中國智造在全球的代名詞。



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